The Best of IGN’s Civil Engineering Drawings


The Great Wall of China 2.

The Dragon Boat Race 3.

The Ice Age 4.

The Golden Gate Bridge 5.

The Statue of Liberty 6.

The Battle of San Francisco 7.

The Titanic 8.

The Battleship Yamato 9.

The End of the World 10.

The Tower of London 11.

The World Trade Center 12.

The Empire State Building 13.

The Black Sea 14.

The New York City skyline 15.

The Alamo 16.

The White House 17.

The Red Cross 18.

The USS Enterprise 19.

The Space Shuttle 20.

The Atlantic Ocean 21.

The American Revolution 22.

The Apollo 17 mission 23.

The Saturn V rocket launch 24.

The Soviet Union 25.

The Challenger space shuttle launch 26.

The Hubble Space Telescope 27.

The Deep Space Climate Observatory 28.

The Viking spacecraft 29.

The Voyager 2 spacecraft 30.

The Sputnik spacecraft 31.

The Pioneer Venus mission 32.

The Jupiter satellite 33.

The Pluto probe 34.

The Titan II probe 35.

The Juno spacecraft 36.

The Cassini spacecraft 37.

The Europa orbiter 38.

The Mars Pathfinder spacecraft 39.

The Eagle spacecraft 40.

The Curiosity rover 41.

The Spirit rover 42.

The Mercury orbiter 43.

The Orion spacecraft 44.

The Kepler spacecraft 45.

The Rosetta mission 46.

The Kuiper Belt probe 47.

The Moon 48.

The Oort Cloud 49.

The Uranus and Neptune bodies 50.

The Big Bang 51.

The Andromeda galaxy 52.

The Perseus belt 53.

The dwarf planet 54.

The asteroid belt 55.

The interstellar medium 56.

The Large Magellanic Cloud 57.

The black hole 58.

The galactic center 59.

The Sun 60.

The Milky Way 61.

The galaxy cluster 62.

The red dwarf 63.

The nebula 64.

The Virgo cluster 65.

The supernova 66.

The massive black hole 67.

The gamma-ray burst 68.

The shockwave 69.

The nuclear explosion 70.

The cosmic microwave background 71.

The radioisotope helium gas spectrum 72.

The Higgs boson 73.

The heavy elements 74.

The quark 75.

The positron 76.

The neutrino 77.

The nucleus of the proton 78.

The electron 79.

The proton-antiparticle nucleus 80.

The antimatter nucleus 81.

The nuclei of hydrogen and helium 82.

The electrons 83.

The hydrogen atom 84.

The antigravity field 85.

The gravity field 86.

The gravitational wave 87.

The cosmological constant 88.

The vacuum 89.

The matter-antimatter collision 90.

The inflationary period 91.

The age of the universe 92.

The Universe

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