Civil engineers are under increasing pressure as Australia’s power industry struggles

The pressure is on to deliver a major boost to Australia’s economy in the wake of the power crisis, as the nation braces for a record summer demand.

Key points:A record summer heatwave is expected to make Australia’s capital city and its inland regions even hotterThe Government is working on new emergency powers to help meet the needs of the energy sectorA plan to make Sydney the first Australian city to be built entirely in renewable energy has been shelved in the face of a record heatwave.

Key facts:The heatwave was predicted to last through mid-August and was expected to cause damage in the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

But it’s not expected to affect the rest of the countryThe Government has committed to providing 1.3 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity by 2020 to meet the country’s energy needs.

It’s been a difficult summer for Australia’s energy sector, with power stations operating at a near standstill in many parts of the nation.

On Wednesday, the Government announced it would increase the amount of renewable power supplied by coal-fired power stations by 10 per cent by 2020.

It said the increase would provide the Government with “a further $4 billion for the Australian energy industry”.

But the plan has been overshadowed by the heatwave and the lack of a plan to provide emergency powers in order to make the country even hotter.

Mr Abbott said a plan was now being developed to meet demand during the heatwaves.

“This summer we’ve seen the biggest amount of heatwave on record in Australia and the Government is now working on a plan for emergency powers,” he said.

“There will be an emergency plan that will be put in place, a national plan, a regional plan and it will be for our emergency needs that we’ll be putting forward.”

I think we’ve got a plan that we’ve been talking about for a number of years.

“Mr Abbott told ABC Radio Sydney’s The View that the Government would look to get “a new national plan” in place for the energy industry, but that the process had been delayed.”

We’ve been in discussions with the states and territories and we’re looking at the different approaches, different approaches to the different regions, and we’ll have a national national plan for energy in the coming weeks,” he told the programme.”

So there are a number different approaches and I think that will all be considered.

“Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg said the Government was working on an “emergency plan” to help power stations cope with the heat.”

The Government’s committed to meeting peak demand this summer, but we are working on making the most of our energy supply, we are not ignoring the needs that the rest.

“Our energy sector is in a difficult period, the electricity sector is a very difficult time to be in, but the Government will do whatever is necessary to help ensure we are providing the best possible energy supply for our citizens,” he added.

“What we’re trying to do is provide an additional $4.2 billion for our energy sector in the summer months.”

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