How to build an armored tank with a human face from scratch

Engineers at the Tallahassean Army Civil Engineering School are working on a project to build a fully functional armored vehicle with a man-like face from the ground up.

The students will be constructing a two-seat vehicle to serve as a mobile headquarters for an infantry battalion that is deployed in a region of the world where it is considered unsafe for infantrymen to operate, according to the Army’s Tallahassean Civil Engineering (TCES) website.

The soldiers in the unit will use the vehicle to train for the upcoming 2018 Army’s National Training Center (NTCC) exercise, and will conduct a series of training exercises as part of the exercise, the Army said in a statement.

The team will be led by a professor who specializes in armored vehicle construction.

The team will have access to equipment and equipment maintenance, as well as access to a small, unmanned vehicle that will carry the team’s equipment and the vehicle’s engine, the statement said.

The tank will be armed with a 3.5-ton machine gun, a 30mm cannon and a grenade launcher, the military said.

The project will be funded by the Department of Defense’s Strategic Capabilities Office.

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