The government’s new air pollution warning system ‘unimaginable’

New Delhi: The Air Quality Index, a measure of air pollution, is on track to reach its first milestone of 100 days since it was introduced in July.

The government is now trying to improve its systems and improve the accuracy of its alerts by adding more measures, including an interactive warning system and a new way to track the status of the air pollution levels in the country.

While the government is currently updating the system to ensure that its systems are more accurate, a major challenge is to understand how the system works.

This year, Delhi’s pollution levels fell below the benchmark of 100 in December.

This was the first time the pollution index fell below 100 days in the capital since December 2009, when it reached a peak of nearly 300.

The air pollution index has fallen from about 300 in December 2009 to below 100 this year.

The Delhi pollution index of this year is 0.8%.

The new index shows that Delhi’s air quality has fallen by about 30% compared to December 2009.

The city’s pollution index rose from around 300 in 2008 to nearly 300 this year, but that figure is down to less than 30.

The report shows that the Delhi pollution levels are likely to drop further this year after the city and neighbouring areas get used to the new index.

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