Civil Engineers Who Work for the Trump Administration are Still Under Attack

A new report by the National Civil Engineering Association says that civil engineers working for the administration of President Donald Trump are still under attack from the right-wing media, which is accusing them of being anti-environmental and anti-women.

The report, which came out this week, claims that civil engineering is being used by the Trump administration to promote a pro-coal, anti-global warming agenda.

The NCEA has been working on the report since last year, and was the first organization to produce it.

“The right wing is using the civil engineering profession to further their agenda and their own agenda,” said NCEAs President John W. Whitehead, who also serves as president of the National Association of Manufacturers.

“Their agenda has been to attack civil engineers for decades.”

Whitehead says he is alarmed by the new report’s findings, and that they are not new.

He says that “civil engineering is one of the few fields that is protected by the First Amendment” in the United States, and he said that the findings “do not make sense.”

The report says that the administration has been using the public’s anger against civil engineers to justify its agenda to “regulate the air, water, land, and wildlife” through “regulatory policies that would harm the environment and the economic well-being of our communities.”

The NCA’s report says the “government’s attempt to control the public domain” has resulted in a climate change-related decline in the number of Americans working in civil engineering.

The study found that a study by the Institute for Energy Research found that only 10 percent of civil engineers surveyed thought that “there are environmental or economic benefits to a public use of natural resources.”

The study also found that “consumers and businesses do not value the importance of building infrastructure that is clean and sustainable.”

Whitehouse said that he is “disappointed” that the NCA is targeting civil engineers.

“We are a private industry and we have a public-private partnership where we can engage with policymakers and we can help them do their job,” Whitehouse told Newsweek.

“This is an issue where I am deeply disappointed by the tone and the tone of the report, and the fact that it is so negative and that it does not make any sense.”

He added, “I am not going to get into politics, and I am not looking for political gain.”

The American Civil Engineers Union has also criticized the report.

In a statement, the union said that “the findings in the report are deeply disturbing.

It appears that the public has little trust in civil engineers and they are in desperate need of reassurance.”

“While the report itself is an important part of the conversation, we are disappointed that it appears that civil employees are not receiving adequate information about the Trump agenda, including the plan to regulate the air and water,” said Alicia Brown, the president of AEA.

Brown said the NCEP also needs to focus on the “vital role” that civil service is supposed to play in a democracy.

“What we know from the research shows that civil servants, like anyone else, are vital to the functioning of our democracy,” Brown said.

“Civil service is an essential element of our democratic society, and it must continue to serve as an essential pillar of our society.”

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