Civil engineer corps has a new chief

A new civil engineer who has been given a role to work with the civil engineering corps is being hailed as a breakthrough by some in the sector.

In a new role, he will work with an agency to improve safety standards and to develop and promote safety technology.

The job, which will be based at the civil engineer training centre, will see him oversee the work of the civil engineers on a daily basis.

The civil engineer is a key part of the national civil engineering programme and is responsible for managing the infrastructure, including roads, bridges and tunnels, as well as building and maintaining buildings.

The role is not a permanent one and can be extended, with the support of the minister.

Mr Zafar Khan, who is based at Karachi’s Jinnah University, said the job was a “historic achievement”.

“It is a very significant moment for civil engineering.

This is the first time that a civil engineer has been appointed as an official civil engineer and is expected to lead a civil engineering agency that will have a strong role in the construction sector.”

He will have to take care of the maintenance and operation of the facilities and also the safety aspects.

He will be the leader in the organisation of the project.

“Civil engineers work with a team to provide safety to infrastructure, roads, tunnels, bridges, sewers and water systems.

He is expected be involved in the design and maintenance of infrastructure.

I am proud to be part of a project that will contribute to the development of civil engineering,” he said. “

It will be a privilege to be given this job.

I am proud to be part of a project that will contribute to the development of civil engineering,” he said.

He added that the role would enable him to develop his knowledge in the civil construction industry and to contribute to strengthening the profession.

Civil engineering has traditionally been a male-dominated profession.

The sector is dominated by engineers and civil engineers.

The Civil Engineering Professionation Board (CEPB) is expected next month to elect a new chairman and secretary.

The CEPB will then decide whether the civil Engineer Commissioner (CE) will be appointed to the post.

The new civil Engineer commissioner will be chosen by the board, which is currently composed of representatives from civil engineering associations, engineering colleges and civil engineering organisations.

The commissioner will also oversee the development and management of the CEB’s activities.

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