US says Chinese civil engineering university will be shut down

China announced late Tuesday that it plans to shut down a civil engineering research institute in the U.S. that is the first of several such institutes that the U,S.

and China have agreed to cut off as part of a U.N. plan to curb Beijing’s influence in the technology sector.

The announcement by the Chinese Academy of Sciences comes as China struggles with rising labor costs and an increase in pollution and food safety concerns.

China is also facing the threat of an economic slowdown in the United States, as the country has suffered from decades of economic growth.

The U.K. and Canada have also announced plans to cut their ties with the institute, which was founded by a former dean of the Academy and was headed by two Chinese scientists.

The Academy, which is the second-largest civil engineering institution in the world, has worked with the U: U.A.E. to develop technology to develop air-quality monitors, a device that monitors air pollution from industrial plants.

China has said it wants the U to cut ties with its institute.

The Chinese Academy says it has agreed to suspend operations at the Institute of Civil Engineering and Technology (ICET), which is based in the city of Wuhan.

It said the institute will be closed as of July 1 and that the Chinese government will pay for the expenses of its employees.

ICET is responsible for civil engineering technologies for the city, including air-monitoring technology.

ICET said it was working with other institutes in the country to help them adapt to China’s policies.

China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs and Communications (MOCAC) said it would not allow the institutes to operate in China.

ICET did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

The institute has been an important component of the U’s civil engineering development.

The institute’s director, Wu Guochun, served as director of the Institute for Civil Engineering of the Chinese National University.

China has long been an ally of the United.

Its military and economic aid is one reason for the U-turn, although it has long held that the United should not interfere with China’s economic development.

China has been accused by the United of attempting to influence its technology development by building artificial islands in the South China Sea, where it has claimed sovereignty.

The United has rejected Beijing’s claims and accused Beijing of trying to create islands in an effort to bolster its claims in the region.

___AP writer Stephen Braun contributed from Shanghai.

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