Lsu students, faculty say the school isn’t doing enough

Lsu has been the subject of a lawsuit alleging it has engaged in a pattern or practice of discriminating against students who are African-American and Latino.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle alleges that Lsu’s faculty members have “abused” their power to prevent African-Americans and Latinos from enrolling in Lsu and have engaged in “discriminatory” practices against Asian-Americans, including excluding them from campus housing, “permitting” them to use the campus library without paying, and using campus resources for their own personal benefit.

“I have a long history of fighting for social justice, and for the right of all students to be safe and welcomed into Lsu,” said Michael A. Liu, a Lsu professor who was among the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

“This lawsuit is a direct attack on Lsu.”

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of more than 100 Asian-American Lsu faculty and students, names Lsu, the University of Washington and the University Health System.

Liu said the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Lsu says the lawsuit is baseless and that the lawsuit lacks merit.

The University Health system has been cooperating with the investigation, according to a spokeswoman.

A spokesman for the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said it is aware of the complaint but declined to comment further.

The U.K.-based Asian Law Caucus said the university has been accused of “exclusion, discrimination and sexual harassment” by a student who filed the lawsuit, but said there is no evidence to support that allegation.

“The university is committed to ensuring that all students feel welcome and protected at all times, and to ensuring the safety and well-being of our students,” said the group’s chief executive, Andrew Pryce.

Liu was named one of the plaintiffs as part of the lawsuit by a coalition of Asian- American organizations.

The coalition said Liu was the only African- American professor who is a U.D. student and the only Asian-British professor who serves as the president of Lsu.

Liu also is a co-founder of the group Asian Americans Advancing Justice, which is suing Lsu for discrimination.

The group is a coalition that includes Asian American advocacy groups, student organizations and civil rights organizations.

Liu is also the president and CEO of the Black Law School, which was founded by Lsu graduate student and current Lsu president David Shoup in 1997.

Shoup, who is white, was a lawyer in the civil rights division of the U,S.

Justice Department from 1994 to 2002 and later was an associate deputy attorney general for the Southern District of New York.

He has represented African- Americans and Latinos in federal civil rights cases.

The civil rights office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The university has said it has made significant changes to the way Lsu prepares its incoming students and is committed not to discriminate based on race or ethnicity.

In a statement to the Seattle Times in November, Shoup said: “I think the evidence shows that the university’s practices and procedures are in line with the U’s civil rights practices and policies, and I will be able to defend them.”

In a letter to students on Oct. 17, Shoups predecessor, Michael C. Bausch, said the U had received several complaints from students and faculty about the treatment of students of color.

Bussch, who retired in January, did not address the lawsuit directly, but did not deny that the U made substantive changes to its procedures and procedures for accommodating and accommodating students of different races and ethnicities.

He said that he and the university were working to create a process that is based on “inclusive and equitable treatment.”

Liu said she would like to see the university implement policies that are “comparable to the policies in place at many other U. of D. schools.”

He said she hopes the university will adopt a policy “that allows all students of all races and cultures the same access to its educational facilities, programs and resources.”

Liu and other Asian- Americans on the coalition’s legal team said they have a “deep sense of frustration” that the students and staff of the Asian American Law Caucus are being targeted for litigation by the lawsuit and that their work is being “threatened.”

Liu is one of several Asian-Canadian students who have filed a lawsuit against Lsu in a lawsuit that has been ongoing for months.

The students allege that LSU has failed to provide adequate housing and other support services for Asian-Canadians, and that they are denied access to Lsu facilities, such as the library, gym and dining hall.

They also allege that the school has “excluded and discriminated against” Asian-Australians in admissions to Lshs academic programs, including on its “academic integrity” assessment.

The student plaintiffs are asking for damages and injunctions against Ls alleged actions. The Asian

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