Engineers create $10,000 video of how they built a bridge over a river

The first of the $10 million bridge videos is being filmed at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Civil Engineering Test Center in St. Louis.

The videos show engineers building a $10-million bridge over the Missouri River to relieve traffic on the busy Interstate 40 corridor in St Louis.

The U.N. agency said last week that it has also received more than $2 million from U.K. and Canadian governments.

In one video, a team of engineers is shown using a hydraulic truck to create a small wooden bridge.

They then use a hydraulic pump to lift the bridge off the river bed and onto a trailer, before building the bridge over four feet of water.

The team then uses a crane to raise the bridge onto a flatbed truck and attach the structure.

The video was made by engineers at the Corps of Engineering Testing Center.

The videos were filmed on November 18, 2018, in the St. Clair County Flood Control District’s water treatment facility in St Clair, Minnesota.

The bridge project is being done with the support of the National Guard Corps, U. S. Department of Energy, the U S. Army, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the U s Department of Homeland Security.

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