Which countries have the biggest infrastructure spending gaps?

The amount of money spent on infrastructure in developing countries is on the rise, but is it sustainable?

That’s the question being asked by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as part of its annual World Economic Outlook.

The report found that the world’s richest countries spend more on infrastructure than any other.

And many of these spend more than twice as much as the average developed country.

The report says that “the global infrastructure spending gap” will widen as the world moves toward an economy dominated by robots.

In a report released on Tuesday, the IMF said that the average cost of building a new road or bridge in the United States is about $4,800.

In France, it’s $7,600.

But the report says the gap between developed and developing countries could be as high as $10,400 by 2030.

And in Germany, where the average is $7 a square meter, the gap is nearly $10 billion.

While the gap in developing and developed countries is getting larger, it is still less than the gap for developed and poor countries.

That gap is about the same in countries such as China, where China spends nearly $7 trillion a year on infrastructure, according to the World Bank.

The global gap is particularly large because the U.S. has the world, by far, the largest infrastructure spending.

It’s also the world leader in the use of the most modern equipment.

In 2017, the U.”s infrastructure budget topped $1 trillion, more than $600 billion more than any country.

But as China’s economy expands, it will be harder for the U to get its infrastructure spending under control, and could potentially hurt its chances for global leadership.

China has already shown signs of slowing down spending on infrastructure.

It will spend more in 2020 on infrastructure compared with 2016, according a report from the International Transport Workers Union.

And China is building more roads, bridges and other public infrastructure, which will boost the country’s GDP growth rate.

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