A Civil Engineering Perspective

Civil engineering disciplines, including civil engineering, have been traditionally seen as a profession with a high level of sophistication and competence.

However, in recent years, the number of professional civil engineers has declined.

According to figures from the National Civil Engineering Research Centre, the proportion of graduates who are civil engineers was 16 per cent in 2013 and 17 per cent today.

While these figures have remained relatively stable over the last decade, this is likely to be influenced by the changing roles of civil engineers in the economy.

The sector is now dominated by two industries: the private sector and the public sector.

This shift has been fuelled by two factors: the increasing use of robots and automation, and a shift in the nature of engineering and civil engineering.

This article examines the growth of the sector in Ireland over the past 20 years, and what has changed in the profession.

We first look at the evolution of the Civil Engineering disciplines, focusing on the growth in the private and public sectors.

Then, we examine what the current state of the profession looks like, and the implications for future growth.

What has changed?

There are currently about 20,000 civil engineers working in Ireland, and they work in a variety of roles, from designing new technology to designing new infrastructure, from developing new services, to providing guidance to government and local authorities.

This has changed significantly since the early 1990s.

In 1990, there were just four companies operating in Ireland with a majority of their workforce in the public and private sectors.

In 2013, there are now 15 such companies, all operating in a range of sectors, including engineering, civil engineering and public administration.

This change in the way the profession is being represented has been particularly marked in the area of technology.

In 1994, there was only one major company that provided technology for civil engineering in Ireland.

Today, there is one major private company with a significant presence in the sector, and two private companies that provide technology for the public sectors and private sector employers.

The number of firms that provide technologies for the private sectors has grown from about 15 to about 80 since 1994.

The increase in the number and size of these companies is largely driven by the introduction of technology-as-a-service (TaaS) technology, which enables companies to deliver services to customers using a range a technologies including drones and robots.

These technologies allow the firms to build and test their own software and services, which are then used to build applications for the clients.

This type of technology is particularly suited to the rapidly changing nature of civil engineering; it enables firms to develop solutions to complex engineering problems that are currently not possible to solve using traditional manufacturing methods.

These companies also provide a range, as well as a set of services, that are designed to assist in the provision of services in the civil engineering sector.

In 2017, there will be about 6,000 firms operating in the Irish civil engineering industry.

This represents a rise of about 3,000 from just two years ago.

The growth in size of the industry has been driven by two trends.

First, the private companies have seen a rise in their share of the market.

According in 2016, there had been a significant increase in share of privately-owned civil engineering companies (excluding the large companies) in the market, which rose from just over 20 per cent of all firms in 2012 to 25 per cent at the end of 2017.

Second, there has been an increase in number of graduates from the private, public and university sectors, which has been largely driven in part by the growth within the public universities sector.

There have been an estimated 1,600 civil engineering graduates from universities across the country since the beginning of the 2000s, and over 20,500 of these have entered the civil engineer profession.

What are the implications?

While the number is increasing, it is clear that there are many reasons for the change in employment patterns within the civil engineers sector.

First of all, the use of drones for aerial surveying has been a growing trend over the years.

In 2016, a total of 1,200 drones were registered for use in civil engineering for surveying and surveying services, compared with just 200 drones registered for surveilling and surveilling in 2012.

In addition, there have been many changes in the employment profile of civil engineer graduates in the past five years.

The proportion of civil university graduates has increased from 22 per cent to 27 per cent since 2012, with the proportion from the public university sector also increasing from 21 per cent up to 28 per cent.

In the last two years, a significant number of civil college graduates have also joined the civil service, and this has resulted in a significant decrease in the numbers of civil service graduates from civil engineering colleges.

While the change has had a direct impact on the recruitment of graduates into the civil services, it has also had a significant impact on those graduates that are not directly employed in the services.

This is a reflection of the changes that have occurred in the industry, and of the wider changes

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