Civil engineers make Purdue the world’s most productive and safest college

A new study finds Purdue’s civil engineering students are one of the most productive college students in the world.

Civil engineers at Purdue are the most highly skilled and most productive in the country, according to the Civil Engineering Research Institute, which tracks the engineering profession.

The institute says Purdue is among the top ten most productive universities for civil engineers, with an average grade point average of 3.4, and the lowest average number of college graduates per capita.

The institute’s ranking for 2016 came from a survey of 4,000 civil engineers in the United States.

The university’s annual survey includes data from each state and the District of Columbia, with each state ranking its own students.

Purdue’s ranking comes from an annual survey of its own civil engineers.

The average grade in Purdue’s 2016 survey was 3.5, with the average number receiving a 2.5 or higher.

In 2016, Purdue’s average grade was 3,076, according the institute.

The most productive students in Purdue in 2016 were:Civil engineers earned an average of nearly $1,300 more per year than their non-engineering peers.

This difference was driven by Purdue’s higher median salary, a $1.9 million salary for a civil engineer.

The median annual salary of a Purdue undergraduate is $48,842.

Civil engineering graduates also were more likely to earn advanced degrees and earn college scholarships.

Purdue graduates were more than twice as likely to receive advanced degrees, compared to other states.

The Civil Engineering Institute found that the median annual income of Purdue graduates was $72,300, compared with $35,000 in the rest of the country.

The average annual earnings of Purdue’s non-Engineer faculty was $70,200, compared the rest, the institute said.

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