UAB Civil Engineering emoji (and more)

A new emoji in the UAB civil engineering program, which debuted today, is making the rounds.

It’s a symbol for the “coup de grâce” — a temporary government shutdown, when some departments and offices are closed for a period of time.

This is where the government is shut down for several weeks or months and there is a temporary suspension of all government services, including the hiring and firing of public employees.

The UAB team that created the emoji has also been adding new emoji, and today’s new one is the only one with a letter emoji.

The team is calling it the “UAB Civil Engineer.”

The “U” in “civil engineer” is a prefix that indicates a student who has a strong commitment to the school.

This emoji is for students who have already completed their degree.

As for the name, the team says that it comes from the school’s motto, “To be civil and just.”

That slogan is in reference to UAB’s motto “to be civil, just, and good.”

It’s also a reference to the U.S. Constitution, which states that the people have the right to keep and bear arms.

“This is a way for our students to be involved in our community, in our culture, and in our society and to bring to the table a vision for how we want to change the world,” said UAB Vice President of Engineering Scott Grosz.

The UAB community is divided over how to use the new emoji.

Some people feel it’s too much government power.

Others feel it will help make the UAC look better.

UAB students are encouraged to comment on the emoji’s Twitter account, and the hashtag #UncleAbraham to express their support for the team and the emoji.

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