What you need to know about the new Civil Engineering Demand Management Tool

A new demand management tool is in the works for the state of Colorado.

The state is using the information collected by the state’s demand response team to help improve the state and its infrastructure, and to help businesses, universities, and schools get more money to invest in their infrastructure.

The new tool is called the Colorado Demand Response Team (CDRT), and it was designed to help the state better manage its infrastructure.

It uses a suite of tools to identify trends and to identify areas of the state that are at risk of falling behind, and provide alerts to companies and institutions that are trying to catch up.

In order to use the tool, a company or institution must have an account with the state.

If the account is not active, the company or entity must contact the state in order to get the alert.

The state uses the email addresses associated with the account to provide alerts and information.

The tool also uses analytics to help analyze data and trends in the state, and also to provide recommendations to the state for improvements to its infrastructure to keep pace with the growth of demand.

The tool was launched in March 2017, but it was only recently that the state began using the tool to help manage its demand.

In its introduction to the tool in 2016, the state said it wanted to improve the way it collected data and that the tool would help it better understand how it’s performing.

In its first year, Colorado collected more than 1.2 million demand responses, or about 12 percent of its demand response efforts.

In 2016, Colorado reported that its demand responses were on pace to reach 20 percent of the country’s demand.

The Colorado Department of Transportation recently partnered with the Colorado Department for Environmental Quality to help use the tools, and the state plans to expand the use of the tools to other states.

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