The New Civil Engineering Technology: Civil Engineers Get the Credit

GSCG, a leading global civil engineering firm, today announced that it has partnered with the Government of India to provide the country with a comprehensive and integrated civil engineering infrastructure.

The new partnership will support the country’s civil engineering professionals with a broad range of technical and management resources to accelerate their growth and innovation, and enable them to grow their careers, strengthen their workforce and become globally-recognized leaders.

The Government of Karnataka (Karnataka) has made significant strides in the last three years in its development of civil engineering technologies and in the country as a whole.

The state is one of the top five in terms of civil engineers per capita, with nearly 1.5 million employees, and has a strong workforce in its Civil Engineering (CE) sector.

The government is committed to supporting civil engineers in their development and the adoption of technologies that will support them to deliver the highest quality civil engineering work.

With this collaboration, GSC is providing a range of resources and technology for civil engineers to become a key contributor to the countrys civil engineering agenda, while ensuring the success of its efforts to provide high-quality civil engineering services.

The GSC team is working closely with KVIA to integrate civil engineering technology and services in the state.

With the partnership, the GSC GSC Technology and Engineering Centre in Hyderabad will also be providing a suite of training and support, as well as a network of dedicated technical and administrative staff to enable GSC to deliver its vision of a state-of-the-art civil engineering ecosystem.

“Civil engineers play a key role in the delivery of services and infrastructure in Karnataka,” said B.B. Rangaswamy, Executive Director of GSC.

“The GSA is committed as an institution to building a statewide civil engineering workforce.

GSC and KVICA have the expertise and capacity to work collaboratively to accelerate the growth and adoption of civil engineer technologies in Karnadesh.”

The partnership will also include a civil engineering support team and a support and mentoring team.

The team will work closely with civil engineers on projects and initiatives.

The state has already embarked on a multi-year strategy to increase its civil engineering capacity, and will soon launch an ambitious pilot project to build a 1,000-metre tall statue of Karnashiramu in central Karnataka.

The Civil Engineering Excellence Grant programme (CEGRE) was launched by the Karnataka Government in 2017.

The CEGRE is awarded to states to build infrastructure for civil engineering, and the funds are available for up to five years.GSCG has been awarded the CEGRE as part of the Indian Civil Engineering Authority (ICEA) and the Civil Engineering Development Fund (CEFD).

The partnership with KVAI will help to build the state’s civil engineer infrastructure and support its civil engineers with the technology, support, and services needed to deliver services in a timely manner, said R.K. Venkateswamy of GSAG.

“KVIA is one among the leading civil engineering firms in the world.

KVAII will help KVICS to continue its momentum in building and delivering civil engineering expertise in Karnaland,” Venkatswamy said.

The civil engineering excellence grant is a part of GISA, which was established by the Government for the purpose of enabling state-level civil engineering and technical institutions to attract and retain the best and brightest civil engineers.

The Indian Civil Engineers Association (ICA) is the country s most powerful civil engineering organisation.

It is comprised of civil and civil engineering associations from over 60 countries, representing civil engineers and technical experts across the country.

The IA is the national body of civil Engineers in India and is headed by the Vice-President of India, K.V. Gopalakrishnan.

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