Engineers on the front lines of climate change – ‘We are not going to sit around’

Engineers have been called to the frontlines of climate action after a number of disasters, including the massive fires that destroyed much of the U.S. in 2016.

The National Academy of Engineering is calling for a new focus on the use of hydraulic fracturing and other techniques to help extract natural gas from shale formations in order to increase production of renewable energy.

In a statement released on Thursday, the academy says hydraulic fracturing is a viable option for reducing emissions from the extraction of natural gas.

The academy also called on policymakers to focus on reducing the impact of climate-related risks and stresses on the economy, infrastructure, and the environment.

The statement cites recent reports that hydraulic fracturing has helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the U, as well as natural gas and oil production in the United States.

It says the country has experienced a dramatic increase in natural gas production from shale gas since 2011.

In addition to fracking, the academies report also recommends an expanded focus on renewable energy, noting that U.K. and Spain are among countries with “strong commitments” to energy efficiency and renewable energy goals.

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