How to get a job in Houston’s Civil Engineering industry

If you’re looking to work in the Houston area for civil engineering job opportunities, here’s what you should know.


Houston is not a big city, but it has some interesting local jobs.

Houston has a total of 2,000 civil engineers, according to a report by McKinsey & Co. There are more than 700 jobs for civil engineers statewide.


Houston offers a plethora of jobs, from civil engineering to engineering, and from transportation to construction.


Houstonians are passionate about their jobs.

“Houstonians love to work and love to be part of a team,” says Mike Molloy, a Houston-based civil engineering recruiter.

“The city has an active and enthusiastic workforce that loves to work together, and we can’t wait to welcome you into the Houston family.”


Houston also has a strong engineering community, and that’s where you’ll find many opportunities for a job.

Molloys top recommendations include engineering, computer science, business, and health care, among other fields.


There’s also a lot of flexibility.

“We offer a variety of different jobs to accommodate your skills, interests, and talents,” Molloyer says.


Some jobs may be temporary or may not require a bachelor’s degree.

“For example, if you’re interested in being an engineer in a public school, we can hire you for a position as an administrative assistant for the school district,” he says.

“If you’re in a different field, we also can hire someone to be an administrative associate for the county.”


Some positions are paid on a salary basis, but not all.

“Most of the jobs are paid hourly and we pay the highest-paid positions based on experience and experience alone,” Melloy says.


Some of the positions require some background in engineering.

“You may need a Bachelor’s degree, or you may have an engineering degree or some combination of those,” he adds.


Many jobs require at least a bachelor of science degree.

Some engineering and engineering related jobs require a master’s degree or higher.

For example, an electrical engineer will have to have a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and have an associate degree or a bachelor in electrical and electronics engineering.


Mottays work is done in the classroom.

“To get the best possible results, you need to be prepared for a variety, but I’d say there’s some flexibility,” he explains.

“Sometimes you may need to take a few months off to get your background and experience in the field validated.”

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