Which school is best for a career in engineering?

Civil engineering students at a major engineering school in New Jersey have a reputation for being a good fit for careers in the aerospace industry.

But there’s a growing number of graduates who are taking their engineering degree at private colleges and universities who aren’t getting the same kind of academic support, according to an Engadg article.

This is particularly the case for women and minority students who may struggle to find jobs in the field.

In an attempt to make a better business case, the National Association of Private Colleges and Universities (NASCO) is working with the NASEC, a national trade association, to develop a curriculum that includes gender equity and diversity.

NASCO president Paul Hahn said that the association is working on a curriculum to better align its focus with the needs of industry and the broader community.

Hahn added that the NASCO would not be able to develop its own curriculum and instead rely on industry-specific resources.

While the NASCo curriculum is a first step, it’s not the only one that the industry is considering.

The Association of American Universities (AAU) is also looking into creating its own diversity and inclusion curriculum, and the National Science Foundation is developing its own.NASCO said it will work with the industry to develop the curriculum and develop an industry-wide plan on how to improve diversity and equity in the workforce.

NASCo has partnered with the Association of School Boards of Engineers (ASBE) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASHCE) to develop curriculum.

Hahn said he hopes that the initiative will spur more private colleges to make their own curricula and focus more resources on diversity and diversity training.

“It’s a great opportunity for our industry and for our students, and I hope it has a positive impact,” Hahn told Engad.

“I hope that we can make our campuses more welcoming for women, and more welcoming to people of color, to students of color and for people of different backgrounds.”

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