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Civil engineering training courses have been launched in WSU for the first time, with students and teachers having to attend the course.

Civil Engineering CEUs are a series of courses designed to teach the fundamental concepts of civil engineering from the start, and to help people develop skills in a wide range of fields from engineering to environmental and social sustainability.

The first two CEUs were created in 2014, and each one has been run since.

Now the WSU Civil Engineering Training Centre will be running a third CEU called ‘Civil Engineering Training 1’ as well as a new one called ‘Environmental and Social Sustainable Development’.

Both CEUs offer different types of courses, including courses in Civil Engineering Theory, Civil Engineering Structures, Civil Engineer, Environmental Engineer and Environmental Design.

The CEU for Environmental and Social Sustainability will teach students the fundamental principles of environmental and sustainable development, including how to develop solutions to the problems of climate change, pollution and the spread of infectious diseases.

Civil Engineers CEUs have also been created for Engineering, Environmental and Design, Engineering and Design and Social Engineering.

The new CEUs for Environmental & Social Sustainable Development, meanwhile, are aimed at preparing Civil Engineers to become environmental leaders in their communities.

Students will learn about environmental sustainability and how it can help address issues such as the spread and impact of infectious disease, water pollution and land degradation.

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