New study finds that the U.S. should focus on developing new, high-tech solutions for water and wastewater management

Researchers from the University of Arizona and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have found that a focus on building new water and sewage management systems could be a key factor in keeping the United States in the Paris climate agreement.

The findings were published in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Thursday.

The researchers focused on three new approaches that could help reduce the environmental impact of new water systems.

The first is to consider the effects of water treatment, which involves a process that removes salt from water.

This is a critical element of the new systems, and it could help to reduce the pollution and waste that comes from the process, said James E. Young, a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research who worked on the project.

The second approach is to design water systems that minimize water use and emissions, by using techniques that reduce or remove particulate matter.

These are the most environmentally friendly options, but the best ones are also the most efficient.

Finally, the researchers looked at how these systems are managed, such as how much water is used for each person.

“The question is, what is the impact of a new, clean water system?”

Young said.

“If you look at what’s in the United Kingdom and Germany, for example, they have very successful water management systems.”

The researchers found that the best options were the most effective, while the least effective ones were most environmentally responsible.

“What we found is that a lot of the water that gets used is very good for the environment and for people,” Young said in a statement.

“But there are some really good water systems around the world that don’t do so well for the planet.

The new technologies could be the way forward.”

Young added that the paper provides a “good starting point” for developing new water technologies that can address the pollution, waste and pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels.

He said that there are already some technologies in the pipeline that could be put to use to help reduce water use.

One of the ideas in the paper is to build a series of pumps that would suck water from a lake or a river to a well.

“This system would be a lot cleaner and a lot less polluting than just a regular pumping station,” Young told The Associated Press.

Young said that other types of systems could also help to lessen the pollution caused from new systems.

“We’re going to have to think about new water efficiency and new wastewater systems,” he said.

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