How to improve the efficiency of civil engineering jobs

Unlv civil engineer, a private company in the Slovenian capital, has been awarded an award by the Slovenes Ministry of Economic Development and Industry (SEDIN) for its efforts to improve efficiency of the industry.

According to the government, Unlv Civil Engineering is the third-largest employer in Slovenia, with 3,000 employees and a turnover of $1.4bn annually.

The company is also a member of the Slovens National Transport Agency (SNA), which regulates the transport industry.

The Slovens Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Trade (MET) announced the award, saying it would allow the company to focus on improving the efficiency and quality of civil engineers.

The award will enable the company’s Slovenian subsidiary to focus more on its growth prospects in the country, according to the news agency.

The new awards are a further step towards a better Slovenian civil engineering workforce.

Earlier this year, Slovenian politicians approved a package of measures to boost the efficiency, productivity and safety of civil contractors and to reduce the number of accidents.

The measure aims to reduce accidents by 10 per cent and increase safety in civil construction and engineering by 10-15 per cent, according the Sloveni news agency Tass.

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