How to install and troubleshoot an SSL certificate

By now you should know what an SSL Certificate is and how to install one.

You can then troubleshot it and check if it works.

This article explains how to do this.


Install a SSL Certificate 2.

Get the SSL Certificate 3.

Get a Certificate of Public Key Infrastructure (COPKI) 4.

Configure the certificate 5.

Verify the certificate is working 6.

Download and install the certificate 7.

Verify that certificate is not a certificate issued by another certificate authority and does not contain any malicious software 8.

Check the certificate certificate status for the last 10 days 9.

Verify if the certificate has been revoked by a certificate authority or by a trusted party 10.

Verify and verify the certificate will be valid for the current year 11.

Get an SSL-enabled browser 12.

Check your certificate status 13.

Verify it is not revoked by another CA or by another trusted party 14.

Check if the CA has revoked the certificate 15.

Check for other certificates using a certificate management tool 16.

Check certificate status of your application 17.

Check whether it is signed with a certificate that is signed by the same CA 18.

Check that certificate status is valid for a given time period 19.

Verify certificates are signed with the certificate authority’s private key 20.

Verify certificate is valid using the SSL Certificates tool 21.

Verify an SSL SSL Certificate Status Check: How to Check if a Certificate is Valid and Sign with a Certificate Authority.

1) Open your browser and navigate to or

Ensure the SSL certificate you want to check is signed using the CA certificates you downloaded earlier.

2) Click the Certificate link in the Certificate section.

3) You will be redirected to a page with the CA Certificate Info page.

Click the “More Info” button.

4) In the certificate information, click “CA Certificate Info” and then “Certificate Status”.

5) In order to verify the CA certificate is signing the certificate issued with the same name, click the “Certificates” link to view all certificates issued by the CA and check the status.

The certificate status will be displayed.

You will need to click on the “Verify Certificate Status” button in order to validate the certificate.

6) Now you will see a verification page with all the certificates that have been signed by that CA and you will be able to verify that the certificate status shows valid.

7) Check the certificates are valid.

If you can verify the status of the certificate, you will get a green verification button.

8) Now it is time to check the certificate for signatures from other certificate authorities.

Click “Sign Certifications” and select the certificate you wish to check.

If the certificate looks legitimate, you should get a “Certification Requested” message.

9) Click on the button “Sign Requested Certificated” to verify a certificate has successfully been signed.

Now it’s time to verify if it is valid.

To verify a signed certificate, click on “Verified Certificate Status”.

If you see a green checkbox, click it.

If it says “Certified”, you should be able download the certificate and verify its validity.

If not, you need to verify it again.

If verification doesn’t work, then click on a certificate to check its status and then click the green “Verification Failed” button at the bottom.

10) Click “Verifying Certificate Status again” to see if the verification is working.

You should see a message that indicates the verification has failed and the certificate remains valid.

11) If verification failed, you must either: 1) Click through to the CA Certificators page and search for the certificate; or 2) Find a certificate for which the CA verified it and click on it; or 3) Find another certificate for that certificate and click the link to download it; OR 4) Verify the signed certificate is also valid.

12) After verifying a certificate is signed, you may now click on one of the links listed above to view the certificate history.

If a certificate was signed by a CA, the CA may have issued a new certificate, but you will not be able see it.

For example, if you downloaded an SSL Certificate from the CA CA and then downloaded the new certificate issued to that CA, you might not see the old certificate.

You might also not be notified by Google when the certificate was revoked.

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